Malva Kajhir

Healing through song and dance, seeking solace in the dark.

About Malva

Full Name: Malva Kajhir (formerly Mhunre)
Gender: Trans femme nonbinary
Pronouns: They/Them
Species: Miqo'te - Keeper of the Moon
Age: 32
Birthday: 23rd Sun of the 3rd Umbral Moon
Sexuality: Pansexual, polyamorous
Height: 5'10"
Build: Lithe, graceful
Hair Color: Snow white with violet tips
Eye Color: Gold
Skin Color: Dark, ashen grey
Distinguishing Marks: Cross-shaped scar on their forehead, notch torn out of their left ear, navel piercing, Monroe piercing, tongue piercing, violet tiger-stripe war paint, black leopard spots on their ears and (very fluffy) tail, resting bored face
Place of Birth: The North Shroud, on the border of Coerthas
Mother: Mhalv Mhunre (biological), Reiqa Mhunre (non-bio), Lhani Mhunre (non-bio)
Father: Unknown
Siblings: Veladrys Moonspeaker (Mhalv'to), Kal'thera Moonspeaker (Khalta), Reiqa'a Mhunre (non-bio)
Partners: Married to Ankti'ra Kajhir, Sil'verah Karlan

RP Hooks

Traditional Keeper (Formerly) - Malva was raised in a very traditional manner for Keepers of the Moon. They had three mothers and multiple non-biological sisters along with their two biological siblings and were taught only to fend for themself, as they would be leaving home upon coming of age.Dancing in the Dark - During their mid-teens to early twenties, they made a living at least partially by singing and dancing in Ul'dah. They would only perform at night, as they were completely nocturnal.Workaholic - While generally reticent and aloof by nature, the main reason Malva is rarely seen out in public is due to how much time they spend working. What time they have out of their office is typically given to their partners or Bel Canto.Wine Time - Currently employed as as an alchemist, physician, and head of product development at Chateau le Mer d'Sud.Coming Out - Malva recently came out as nonbinary and has started hormone therapy. Those who knew them prior to transition may have started to notice some changes.

OOC Info

Always open to meeting new friends and RP contacts.
18+ only, minors DNI
Located in the CST time zone.
Currently on the Balmung server but open to RP with those on other servers!
In game or Discord RP!
Discord: Mal'valen#9715


Malva's F-listNSFW appearance info: small breasts, gold dolphin and hafada piercings, circumcised